Roll call and muster to account for everyone during an emergency or fire drill

Roll -callBecause an access control system can keep a record of who is present within a building, many systems offer a roll call feature where a muster report can be generated instantly during an emergency.

The report will produce a list of all card holders that are recorded as being within a certain building or area, giving the fire safety wardens a roll call against which to check that everyone has been safely evacuated from the building.

For this system to function effectively there must be a system in place whereby all staff members, pupils and visitors have pass cards, which they must present to the entry and exit readers as they enter and leave the building. Ideally, turnstiles should be fitted at the main entrance, but if this is not possible, strict discipline must be applied to the use of pass cards.

Another option is to place ‘muster’ readers at evacuation assembly points so that all evacuated personnel can register their presence, thereby allowing wardens to concentrate on those people on the roll call that have not registered their presence at the assembly point.